Design History

Paul Rand (Peretz Rosenbaum)

Born in Brooklyn, New York

August 15,1914 – November 26, 1996

Early Life

Spent most of his life in New York.

Went to school and studied art and design

  • Pratt Institute (1929-1932)
  • Parson School of Design (1932-1933)
  • Art Students League (1933-1934)


Later Life

  • Famous for his corporate logo designs
  • Taught design at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut
  • One of the originators of the “Swiss Style” of graphic design
  • Had a secondary area of design which was advertising
  • Unfortunately at the age of 92, Paul Rand passed away due to cancer



  • Inducted into the New York Art Directors Club Hall of Fame in 1972.
  • Designed logos for major companies such as IBM, UPS, and ABC
  • Named one of the ten best art directors by the Museum of Modern Art
  • Received gold medal from the Art Directors Club for his Morse Code ad.



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